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8 Best Double Oven Review 2020

To help you make up your mind about these cooking appliances, we’ve rounded up 8 of the latest double wall oven electric below. They should give you a better idea of what these items are really about.

GE PT9550SFSS Profile 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Double Wall Oven

  • Capacity: 5.0 Cu. Ft. / 5.0 Cu. Ft. Self Clean Convection Oven
  • True European Convection With Direct Air (Upper Oven Only)
  • Brillion – Enabled Wirless Control
  • Dimensions (WHD): 29 3/4″ X 52 5/8″ X 27 3/16″

Starting off this list is the impressive GE PT9550SFSS Profile 30 inch. Not only does this model look stately but it’s also packed with amazing features.

For starters, it has wireless connectivity that will let you operate the unit remotely.

Its construction is also noteworthy, making it a good item to start exploring these kinds of kitchen appliances.


  • 5 cu. ft capacity
  • 28-½” x 51-13/16” x 23-½” cut-out dimensions
  • 7 cooking modes (Convection Bake, Convection Bake Multi-Rack, Convection Broil, Convection Roast, Crisp Broil, Thermal Bake, and Thermal Broil)
  • 10-Pass Bake Element
  • 10-Pass Dual Broil Element
  • Glass Touch controls with notification light
  • Brillion-Enabled Wireless Control
  • Self-cleaning with Steam Clean option

Frigidaire FGET3065PF 30″ 9.2 cu. ft. Double Electric Wall Oven in Stainless Steel

  • 4.6 cu. ft. True Convection Ovens
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Quick Preheat
  • Delay Start
  • Auto Shut-Off

Another popular option for a double wall oven is the Frigidaire FGET3065PF 30″ 9.2 cu. ft.oven.

This item’s feature list is as extensive as it is large, promising that you’ll get a lot of functionality out of it.

Its most notable offerings?

Its Delay Start and Timed Auto Shut Off features. So if you’re after the most convenient cooking equipment out there, this could be what you’re looking for.


  • 6 cu. ft capacity for each oven
  • 29” x 49-5/8″ x 24” cut-out dimensions
  • Glass Touch Express-Select controls with LED display
  • Delay Start function
  • Timed auto shut off
  • Effortless Temperature Probe
  • Smudge-proof stainless steel body
  • Steam Cleaning feature

GE JK3500SFSS Double Wall Oven

  • Glass touch electronic controls for easier operation
  • Hidden bake element helps distribute heat evenly throughout the oven cavity
  • Control lockout prevents unintentional or unsupervised use to promote safety

In need of a lot of cooking space? The GE JK3500SFSS 27 Built-In Double Wall Oven can also be a good option for you.

It might only have two cooking modes but it can still do a lot of cooking for you.

Its solid construction coupled with its straightforward controls makes it a reliable option for many households.


  • 6 cu. ft total capacity
  • 25-¼” x 50-⅛” x 23-½” cut-out dimensions
  • 2 cooking modes (Thermal Bake and Thermal Broil)
  • Ten-Pass Bake Element
  • Eight-Pass Broil Element
  • Electronic touch controls with LED display
  • Delay Time function
  • Stainless steel body
  • Self-cleaning with Steam Clean option

Frigidaire FGET2765PBGallery 27″ Black Electric Double Wall Oven

  • 3.8 Cu. Ft. True Convection Ovens
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Quick Preheat
  • Delay Start
  • Auto Shut-Off

Made for those who need to whip up meals fast, the DMAFRIGFGET2765PB – Frigidaire Gallery 27 oven is designed with efficiency in mind.

As a part of the Frigidaire Gallery series, the biggest charm of this product is its quick heat up feature.

You don’t have to wait for 30 minutes or so to start cooking with this appliance as it heats up within a few minutes.


  • 6 cu. ft total capacity
  • 25-¼” x 49-⅞” x 24” cut-out dimensions
  • 2 cooking modes (Bake and Broil)
  • Express-Select controls
  • Delay Start function
  • Effortless Temperature Probe
  • Quick pre-heat
  • Smudgeproof stainless steel body
  • Self-cleaning with Steam Clean option

GE PT7800SHSS Microwave Wall Oven

  • Ge profile series 30 inch built-in combination convection microwave/con…
  • PT7800SHSS
  • Halogen interior oven lighting (lower oven)

Technically, the GE Profile PT7800SHSS 30″ Built-In Convection isn’t a double wall oven.

It’s a combination oven but because it comes with a convection microwave oven, it can still perform certain tasks that you’d normally accomplish with a regular oven.


  • True European Convection Oven with a Convection Microwave Oven
  • 7 cu. ft Upper / 5.0 cu. ft Lower
  • 28-⅝” x 42-¼” x 23-½” cut-out dimensions
  • 5 cooking modes for Lower Oven (Convection Bake, Convection Bake Multi-Rack, Convection Roast, Thermal Bake, and Thermal Broil)
  • 10-Pass Bake Element
  • 8-Pass Broil Element
  • Glass Touch with dial controls
  • Self-cleaning with Delay Clean feature (Lower)

Frigidaire FGET2765PF Gallery 27″ Stainless Steel Electric Double Wall Oven 

  • 3.8 Cu. Ft. True Convection Ovens
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Quick Preheat
  • Delay Start
  • Auto Shut-Off

With the help of the Frigidaire FGET2765PF Gallery 27″, even busy households can now whip up fresh meals on a regular basis.

As this item is also from the Frigidaire Gallery series, you can expect it to perform faster than the others listed here.

Coupled with solid construction and effective control design, it might just be the very double wall oven you’re looking for.


  • 6 cu. ft total capacity
  • 25-1/4″ x 49 7/8″ x 24″ cut-out dimensions
  • 2 cooking modes (Bake and Broil)
  • Quick pre-heat
  • Effortless Temperature Probe
  • Express-Select controls
  • Delay Time function
  • Self-cleaning with Steam Clean option
  • Smude-proof stainless steel body

Bosch HBN8651UC 800 27″ Stainless Steel Electric Double Wall Oven 

  • European Convection Upper Oven
  • EcoClean
  • Self-Clean
  • 12 Cooking Modes
  • Fast Preheat

The Bosch HBN8651UC 800 27″ might require some investment but with its exciting features, its price tag can be easily justified.

It offers great functionality that seems to be just a notch above its competition.

So even if they’re not technically the most innovative, they can still prove to be more convenient and useful.


  • 8 cu. ft total capacity
  • 34” x 32” x 55” exterior dimensions
  • 12 cooking modes (Pizza, Pie, Warm, Proof, Convection, Bake, Broil, and Roast, etc.)
  • Quick pre-heat
  • Converts temperature for convection cooking
  • QuietClose® Door Shut
  • SteelTouch™ control buttons
  • Delay Start function
  • Meat Probe
  • Self-cleaning with EcoClean™ function

Bosch HBN5651UC 500 27″ Stainless Steel Electric Double Wall Oven 

  • 4.1 Cu. Ft.
  • Upper Oven Convection
  • EcoClean Self-Clean
  • 10 Cooking Modes
  • Temperature Conversion

For those who prefer manual controls on their kitchen appliances, the Bosch HBN5651UC 500 27″ is a nice option.

With its heavy-duty stainless steel control knobs, you don’t have to fiddle with digital controls if you find that too complicated.

With just a turn of the dial, you’ll be all set to cook a tasty dish for you and your loved ones with this double wall oven.


  • 2 cu. ft total capacity
  • 25 1/2″ x 51 1/2″ x 23 1/2″ cut-out dimensions
  • 10 cooking modes (Bake, Broil, Roast, Warm, Pizza, Pie, Proof, Convection, etc)
  • Mechanical dial controls with LED display
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel knobs
  • Converts temperature for convection cooking
  • 8 Pass Broil Element
  • Self-cleaning with EcoClean™ function

Best Wall Ovens Consumer Reports:

Before we go ahead and discuss the merits of a double wall oven, it might be better to pit it against its alternatives just to clear the air.

You might already be considering other options, so why not address them before we discuss our main choice of appliances in detail? This might help you weigh your options better and allow you to decide faster.

So how does the best double wall oven compare with other kinds of ovens and oven setups? Here’s a list of what people are saying:

i. Double Wall Oven vs 2 Single Wall Ovens

The biggest rivals of double wall ovens are the 2 single wall ovens set up. A lot of people recommend the latter over the former because of the versatility they offer. While true in many aspects, the double wall oven also has several advantages over the other.

For starters, the set up would be more straightforward. Maintenance will be easier, too, since you only really have to deal with just one unit.

You’ll also don’t have to fiddle with two separate control panels while you’re busy working on several dishes at the same time.

ii. Double Wall Oven vs Single Wall Oven and Microwave Oven Combo

A microwave and single wall oven combo is another highly suggested alternative to double wall ovens because they’re such space savers.

However, they function differently than a double wall oven, so you should really consider their functionalities before making a choice.

With a combination unit, you won’t really get more oven space because microwave ovens don’t have the same capabilities as a conventional oven. So if you’re just really after more cooking space, this might not exactly be the best pick for you.

iii. Double Wall Oven vs Cooking Ranges

While freestanding cooking ranges can go as big as 60 to 66 inches in width, the biggest their ovens can get is at 36”.

The larger units are equipped with an oven and a half or two ovens, so if you want more cooking space, they’re not that much bigger than double wall ovens.

They also take up more counter and storage space so they might not be the best options for your home.

To be very honest, taking a pick from these options is entirely up to your needs and preferences.

At the end of the day, what worked for other people might not really work the same way for you. You still have to make your own decision based on your conditions.

10 Benefits of Using Double Wall Oven Electric:

As noted above, the electric double wall ovens can definitely hold a candle over its kitchen rivals.

But if you need some more convincing, here are some of its benefits that can persuade you to give these appliances a shot:

1. They’ll let you cook up a storm with more efficiency and speed.

With their size and design, you can definitely cook a lot of food with a double wall oven. Size -wise, you can already fit in large portions of food in each oven without a hitch. You can even double up on the servings to cook more.

Aside from the amount of food, you can also cook a few different dishes in one go with these appliances. So all in all, it can be a very reliable piece of equipment to have in a busy kitchen.

2. It can help save more space in the kitchen.

You might be thinking, but double wall ovens are larger in size! While true, it’s still space-efficient because they’re made to be built into your walls. Some planning ahead may be necessary but at least they won’t take up precious floorspace.

3. They have more features than a conventional oven.

If you’ll compare the features of double wall ovens to its rivals, you’ll learn that the best ones have a whole lot of functionalities that you can’t find elsewhere. This makes them a lot more useful and handier to have in a busy kitchen.

4. You can conveniently place a wall oven on a spot that’s easy for you to work with.

The biggest advantage of getting an electric wall oven is the fact that you can customize where they’re positioned so you don’t have to bend, crouch, or sit down just to carefully access its interior. This makes them safer and easier to work with.

This applies to double wall ovens, too, even though there are some limitations to it. You might still need to bend down a little to reach the lower oven in many cases. But since the trade-off is more cooking space, it might just be worth it.

5. Replacing a broken unit is rather straightforward.

If your unit breaks, you can just replace it entirely without any fuss. If you get two single ovens and one of them breaks, it might be hard to find a replacement that will match your old unit.

If the microwave in your combination unit breaks, then you might need to resort to a standalone unit instead because they’re more complicated to replace.

If your old double wall oven breaks, you can just simply get a whole new double wall oven.

This might seem like a very small issue to worry about but if you’re planning on flipping your home or you just really want a nice and pretty kitchen since it is your home, this is a very valid concern.

Oven models tend to come and go, so unless you chose a very popular single wall oven model, you should expect the manufacturers to discontinue the model a few years down the line.

6. They can seriously elevate the look and value of your kitchen.

Double wall ovens are rather fancy, so there’s a very good chance that it can help add value to your home.

7. You can ensure your food’s flavors’ integrity.

With two separate oven compartments, double wall ovens will let you cook different dishes at the same time without having to worry about the flavors getting mixed up.

Not only does this give you a good dose of efficiency but it can also help you prevent the flavors of your dishes from getting mixed up.

8. It might help you complete your dream home.

A lot of people get a double wall oven because it has always been their dream to have one. If this is your case, then it could also be beneficial for you to get it instead of the other options available.

It will be more fulfilling for you to do so instead of settle with something that you’re not exactly too thrilled about.

9. It can transform your cooking experience.

There’s no doubt that a double wall oven makes whipping out all sorts of dishes possible for you. So if you love to cook, this cooking equipment might just add more ways for you to enjoy the activity.

10. There are tons of options available.

You can definitely take a pick among the numerous double wall ovens in the market today.

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