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Best Oster Toaster Oven Reviews

As one of the most versatile kitchen appliances in any household, the Oster Toaster oven is expected to be able to perform any number of functions successfully. It comes with latest advancements in heat technology coupled with the newest additions in cooking features.

Hence, you can find the most valuable toaster oven available today presented a more daunting task than we initially expected. Today’s most popular toaster ovens advertise a wide range of cooking functions without sacrificing quality for quantity. They can heat up food items faster, produce more consistent results, accommodate larger portions of food, are easier to keep clean. They even look great in any kitchen or home.

As one of the most versatile kitchen appliances in any household, the toaster oven is expected to be able to perform any number of functions successfully. With the latest advancements in heat technology coupled with the newest additions in cooking features, Oster Convection Oven remained the best one. Let us have a look at the top rated toaster ovens from Oster.

Oster Extra Large Digital Countertop Oven

Countertop convection oven features convection technology for fast, even heating
Digital settings for pizza, bake, broil, toast, and defrost
Large interior fits 2 take and bake pizzas, a family sized chicken, or 18 slices of bread
Easy clean interior and 90 minute timer with auto shut off feature
Includes 2 oven racks, a baking pan, and an integrated broiling rack. Watts: 1500W

The oster extra large digital countertop oven, TSSTTVDGXL toaster oven can fit a 16″ pizza. Hence, it is much larger than the usual 12″ frozen pizza that most standard ovens are able to accommodate. You can also perform 2-level cooking, so baking 2 pizzas at the same time.

For toast, Oster extra large convection oven can fit 14 slices of bread. The interior dimensions of the Oster Toaster Oven TSSTTVDGXL-SHP are approximately 15.5″ (W) x 15.5 (D) x 9.5″ (H). Hence, it can accommodate a 9″ x 13″ pan. There are 7 cooking functions bundled together with this Oster are bake, toast, broil, convection, warm, pizza and defrost.

The controls are digital with the display screen right above the panel. Moreover, below the function keys are the timer and temperature arrow buttons. Here, the timer runs up to a maximum of 90 minutes.

Product Highlights
Easy clean interior 90 minute timer Convection technology Auto Shutoff
Product information
Product Dimensions 19.29 x 21.65 x 12.91 inches
Item Weight 26 pounds
Manufacturer Oster

Oster XL digital convection oven with French Doors

Single door pull opens both doors with 1 hand ease and convenience
Digital controls provide precise cooking time and temperature to take the guesswork out of cooking
Turbo Convection baking technology cooks faster and browns more evenly
Two racks provide maximum cooking flexibility; This oven control allows you to slowly cook your food at a preset temperature of 150°F for an adjustable time of upto 6hrs
Extra Large Interior Accommodates 2 16 Inches Pizzas; Preheat Setting Gets Oven Temperature Upto Where You Need for Precise Cooking
90 Minute Timer With Signal Turns Oven off Automatically

The Oster XL Digital countertop oven with French Doors looks elegant, cooks with convection and makes meal preparation easier. The unique design of this Oster toaster oven opens both doors with a single pull. Hence, you can place dishes in the oven without bother.

Moreover, the Digital controls provide added convenience to toast, bake, broil, convection cook and warm in just one touch. The Control panel also includes touch commands for pizza, dehydrate and defrost, and also temperature settings and adjustable time.

There is no reason to turn up the heat with your conventional toaster oven. Because, the Oster TSSTTVFDDG digital french door oven, stainless steel cooks more efficiently, using up to 50% less energy. With a 90-minute timer, your food cook as long as you need, later the oven toaster shuts off automatically.

This best toaster oven is efficient and easy to use. Hence, you will surely enjoy using it for every meal you prepare! Moreover, the sleek design of this Oster digital french door oven fits most décor. The single door pull opens both doors with just one hand for ease and convenience while cooking.

This under cabinet toaster oven holds two 16-inch take and bake pizzas, roast, family size chicken, casserole and 14 slices of bread. The two racks of this Oster Toaster Oven provide maximum cooking flexibility. Moreover, its durable baking pan and baking rack double as a broiling pan when assembled.

However, the removable crumb tray of this best toaster oven makes clean up easy. Plus, Turbo convection heat technology circulates hot air throughout the oven for faster, more even cooking.

Product Highlights
Extra large capacity Digital controls Stainless Steel exterior Dual rack Spacious interior
Product information
Color:Stainless Steel
Product Dimensions 22 x 19.5 x 13 inches
Item Weight 18.1 pounds
Manufacturer Oster

Oster Toaster Oven | Digital Convection Oven

6 slice convection toaster oven for faster, more even cooking. This Oster Large Digital Countertop Oven can fit up a pan with the measure of 2 inches height, 10.5 inches width and 12.5 inches length
Convection Technology and a Wide Temperature Range of 150 to 450 Degrees F Let You Cook With the Convenience of an Oven
Digital Controls With 7 Cooking Settings and an Interior Light for Easy Viewing
Large Interior Can Accommodate One 12 Inch Pizza, Casseroles, Cookies, and Even a Roast; Oven Measures 19.72 W X 16.29 D X 11.33 H Inches, With 31.5 Inch Cord
Includes Durable Baking Pan and Removable Crumb Tray for Easy Cleanup. Watts: 1300w

The first one in the above-mentioned list of Best Oster toaster oven is one of the famous flagship models from the manufacturer, the Oster digital convection oven. The basic difference between the regular toaster oven and a convection toaster oven, is that, in the later one hot air circulated inside the appliance for a more uniform cooking, and even browning of the food cooking.

Convection toaster ovens also enables the user to perform additional cooking functions like broiling, roasting, etc. comprises of comparatively larger interior space, than any other generic toaster ovens, this particular one, can perform as a back-up or secondary oven to any household.

Other than the usual toasting jobs, this particular Oster digital toaster oven can cook pizzas to whole turkey roast easily and effortlessly with the help of 7 different pre-set modes, which makes the life easier literally.

Among the different cooking modes, the most important function is the broiling feature, which can perform functions like browning or melting in no time. Be it London broiling at a whopping 500-degree F or a low temperature melting of Mozzarella over your bruschetta, nothing is impossible for this particular Oster extra large convection oven.

Now form the design and built point-of-view, this particular Oster toaster oven is small and compact with minimal footprint, hence does not takes a lot of space for storage. A modern and contemporary outlook with the polished stainless-steel finish, this particular Oster oven will suit almost all types of kitchen décor as well.

The easy one-touch operations and the most user-friendly control panel, makes this particular Oster digital Toaster oven, easy and hassle-free to use. At a price range around $100 and with these amounts of features, this toaster oven is nothing but a steal deal by all means.

Product Highlights
Larger capacity Convection mode ensures even heating Convenient digital display Breadcrumb tray is removable, hence easy to clean the toaster after cooking Timer constitutes 90 minutes
Product information
Product Dimensions 16.3 x 19.7 x 11.3 inches
Item Weight 20.3 pounds
Manufacturer OSTER

Oster 6 slice convection oven with Brushed Stainless Steel

6-slice toaster oven with convection technology for faster, more even cooking
Wide temperature range of 150 to 450 degrees F lets you cook with convenience of an oven
Versatile toast, bake, and adjustable broil functions; 60-minute timer with auto shut-off
2 rack positions to accommodate a wide variety of foods from tall roasts to pizza.Watts: 1300W
Includes removable crumb tray and durable baking pan
NOTE: Refer user manual before use

With the brushed stainless steel housing, the Oster TSSTTVRB04 convection oven offers a lot more functions. The convection technology of the Oster toaster oven evenly produces the heat for excellent cooking results. You can have an eye on your food through the tempered glass that comes with this Oster convection oven.

Furthermore, the Convection Oven includes racks and a pan for your cooking options. When coming to the cleaning of the toaster oven, you can use the Oster convection countertop oven manuals. Always be sure to unplug the cord before cleaning the oven toaster.

The available temperature of the Oster Large Toaster Oven is up to 450 degrees. Hence, you can comfortably cook any foods. To warm the frozen food, you can select the keep warm mode. Besides this, adjustable racks allow you to have a customizable space.

Oster Toaster Ovens evenly toasts six bread slices. You get quick and even cooking performance in the Oster Convection Toaster Oven. These best Ovens comes with multiple cooking functions that make your toasting and also allows you to cook other foods.

Coming to the design, the stainless steel exterior of the Oster 6 Slice Toaster Ovens give an elegant look to your kitchen. Moreover, the easy to use selectors in the toaster oven lets you control the temperature, timer and cooking mode. As per your cooking preference, you can use any of the food modes.

Most of the Oster Convection Toaster Oven comes with the toast, broil, bake and keep warm modes. You can even bake cookies in the Oster Toaster Oven.

Product Highlights
Works great Decent quality toaster Pre heats quickly Cooks evenly Energy saving
Product information
Product Dimensions 17 x 14 x 10.38 inches
Item Weight 15 pounds
Manufacturer Oster

Oster convection oven with pizza drawer

Convection oven cooks quickly and browns food evenly
Dedicated pizza drawer is also great for preparing bruschetta and quesadillas
Separate top and bottom crumb trays simplify cleaning; Cool-Touch handles for safe operation
Included baking pan and baking rack double as a broiling pan when assembled together
60-minute timer with auto-shutoff and bell signal

What you love about this Oster convection oven is the custom pizza oven drawer that comes with this toaster. Moreover, it is not a small pizza baking compartment either. Hence, you can bake an entire 12-inch pizza in that particular compartment, to the perfect temperature and crispness.

This compartment is also good for making quesadillas, bruschetta, and other appetizers. Many timers on the best ovens go up to 30 minutes, but thankfully, this Oster toaster oven has a timer that goes up to 60 minutes. It also has a Stay on Function that keeps your food nice and warm, even after the heating or baking period is up.

The large capacity of this toaster oven adds even more to the versatility that it provides. The interior of this toaster is 15.81 cubic inches, that makes it good for quick appetizers and food when you are entertaining or hosting.

This best convection toaster oven comes with a baking pan and broil rack.  Hence, you can take it right out of the box and start using it immediately. These are really easy to insert and remove and are just easy to clean. This Oster convection oven with pizza drawer has three knobs to operate the oven.

Therefore, you can have plenty of customization. The temperature knob allows you to adjust your toaster to the perfect temperature for whatever you are cooking, heating, broiling or baking in your oven. The custom setting knob allows you to specifically choose the kind of food that you are preparing. Finally, the timer of this Oster toaster oven goes up to 60 minutes and includes a stay on function.

Product Highlights
Plenty of settings Large Pizza drawer Uses convection technology Large capacity Adjustable broil control
Product information
Product Dimensions 15.5 x 18.3 x 10 inches
Item Weight 21 pounds
Manufacturer Oster

Oster Toaster Oven (TSSTTVVG01)

Compact 4-slice toaster oven is perfect for small spaces
Dual dial controls to toast, bake, and broil
Wide temperature range of 150 to 450 degrees F and 30-minute timer with toast shade settings
2 rack positions to accommodate a wide variety of foods from tall roasts to pizza
Includes removable crumb tray and durable baking pan

The next one in the list is the Oster TSSTTVGO1 toaster oven, which is though slightly smaller in size than the previous mentioned model, the it is as efficient and functioning like any other Oster toasted models. Like any other Oster digital Toaster, this particular ne is also a versatile piece of appliance, which not only toast your slice of bread but also capable of baking and broiling as well.

With the capacity of toasting 4- bread slice at once, this Oster toaster oven is giving the user the choice to uses either or both of the dual wire racking for cooking many things like tall roast and pizza, and the breadcrumb tray and a separate baking tray as well.

With a wide temperature ranges from 150 degree to 450-degree F and a 30-minutes of cooking time, this particular Oster Toaster oven can bake pizzas to toast bread slices with same ease and equal efficiency.

Now as per the built, it is also a small and extremely compact appliance with smart and sleek pitch-black finish and classy silver accent around the panels. Comprises of two separate control knobs, the first one is for choosing the right amount of temperature while cooking.

This dial also enables the user to choose between the Broil and the Toast mode as well. On the other hand, the second dial is for setting-up the timer, required to complete the cooking cycle. For cooking options, which required more the 30 minutes to get completed, the timer can also run on a continuous mode, with the “stay-on” feature. And the best thing about this Oster toaster oven is that all of these mind-blowing interesting features comes only under $30, which literally makes it the toaster oven to look out for.

Product Highlights
Separate manual control dials for temperature and time The door handle is featured with Stay cool technology, hence reduces chance of accidental burns The see-through door enables better monitoring of the food cooking inside Easy to maintain
Product information
Product Dimensions 15.75 x 8.75 x 8.25 inches
Item Weight 7.73 pounds
Manufacturer Oster

Oster 4 Slice Stainless steel Countertop Oven

Small 4-slice toaster oven with stylish brushed stainless steel housing
Dual dial controls to toast, bake, and broil
Wide temperature range of 150 to 450 degrees F and 30-minute timer with toast shade settings
2 rack positions to accommodate a wide variety of foods from tall roasts to pizza
Includes removable crumb tray and durable baking pan

The Oster TSSTTVVGS1 4-slice toaster oven is Small and simple to operate. If you are cooking for one or two people, then you can easily choose this best toaster oven. Hence, this small toaster can be sufficient if you are not too fussy about the features. This toaster oven review will consider this aspect of the toaster and check out exactly how it serves.

For the Oster toaster oven TSSTTVVGS1, it has a 30-minute timer dial. Once the countdown is completed, the oven’s bell will ring and the toaster will automatically shut off the heating elements. Apart from the timer, this Amazon toaster oven also has the continuous cooking option for recipes longer than 30 minutes. Hence, it gives greater flexibility for cooking a wider range of recipes without having to reset the timer.

However, you need to manually turn the oven off if you select to use the stay on feature. 3 cooking options are available with this unit – bake, broil and toast. The temperature control dial goes all the way to 450°F. Below the Oster 4 slice long slot toaster is the timer dial that is used to set the toast shade.

You can choose to turn off the oven mid-cycle by rotating the timer dial anti-clockwise till it reaches the Off position. This best toaster oven also has a dual rack position and a removable crumb tray for clean-up. Moreover, the accessories are not dishwasher-safe.

This 4 slice toaster is mainly designed to fit 4 slices of bread. The outside dimensions of the Oster TSSTTVVGS1 are about 15.8″ wide * 8.8″ deep * 8.2″ high.

Product Highlights
Removable wire rack 2 rack positions Electronic controls Easy to use dial controls Stainless Steel finish
Product information
Product Dimensions 11.1 x 17.4 x 9.5 inches
Item Weight 1 pounds
Manufacturer Jarden Consumer Solutions

Oster Large Convection Toaster Oven (TSSTTVSK01)

Convection oven offers exceptional cooking versatility in a countertop design
Turbo convection technology provides fast, consistent baking and browning; cooks at 150 to 450 degrees F
Spacious design can accommodate a 12-inch pizza, casseroles, and more
Optimal cooking results with digital Broil, Warm, Toast, Bake, and Convection Bake functions
2 rack positions , durable bake pan, and integrated broil rack.Watts: 1300 W
Outside Dimensions: Width: 19.76″, Height: 11.38″, Depth: 15.37″ hamber dimensions: Width: 13.7″, Depth: 13.48″, Lower rack to upper heater: 5.31″

The last but definitely not the least inclusion in the above-mentioned list of best Oster Toaster oven, is the TSSTTVSK01 flagship device from the manufacturer, which not only a simple and basic toaster oven but also comprises of state-of-the-art convection mode as well.

As it is known by all that convention modes are meant to provide a more efficient and even cooking of food than usual microwave, this particular model is no difference at all. A versatile piece of appliance, the Oster digital Toaster oven is compact yet durable in terms of size, hence can be placed on the countertop easily.

With a wide temperature range from 150 degree to 450-degree F this particular toaster oven is not only good at toasting your bread the way you want but also bake and brown your food with equal efficiency as well.

Spacious from inside, this particular toaster oven can accommodate a 12-inch pizza in it. Now from the design perspective it is an all over silver model with separate knob style controls for choosing the desired cooking mode, temperature and time.

Along with baking and broiling, this particular convection Toaster oven from Oster oven is also comprises of a low 150-degree temperature setting, which helps to keep food warm as well. Like the above-mentioned models these one is also comprises of two wire racks, one crumb trey and one additional baking tray as well.

With cooking modes like warm, Toast, broil, bake and convection, this toaster oven is affordable and can highly act as a secondary convection oven to a small house hold.

Product Highlights
Affordable price range Compact with minimum footprint Advanced convection feature enables even cooking Wide temperature zone Auto-timer can set at 60 min at maximum Rust-proof body
Product information
Product Dimensions 15.37 x 19.76 x 11.38 inches
Item Weight 1 pounds
Manufacturer Jarden Consumer Solutions

Things to Consider in a Toaster Oven

Toaster ovens are economically reasonable to afford and a better-looking device for your kitchen. Not only this, they turn out to be good for toasting, crisping, baking, roasting and cooking healthy toaster oven recipes. A toaster oven is designed in such a way that it is honed for toasting while preserving the quality, and also the succulence of the suppers. Furthermore, plenty of dinners can be cooked in it as well.

If you really love toast, then you need to learn more about toaster ovens. These handy small devices are a huge improvement over traditional two-slice toasters. They not only perfectly brown your morning toast, but also the electric toaster ovens toast large bread products like bagels, cook and brown foods like pizza and garlic bread. It also reheats or warm leftovers without making them soggy like microwaves do. With too many features and options available in toaster ovens now, finding the best one for your kitchen can be a bit intimidating. Hence, let us know the main factors to be considered when buying a toaster oven.

The capacity and size of your convection toaster ovens can affect how much counter space you have to work with. It also determines what bread products and other foods you can toast. There are three reasonable ways to calculate the size and capacity of a toaster oven, but not all of them are equally helpful. The first is the actual dimensions of the toaster. You can use these measurements to decide if the size of the oven toaster can fit in your available counter space.

The second method is the capacity of the slice. Most toaster ovens are four to six-slice capacity. But this can be sometimes misleading. In some cases, a 6-slice toaster oven may be able to bake a whole chicken for family dinner, while another 6 slice toaster may not handle foods larger than a 12-inch pizza. Hence, the best way to determine a toaster oven’s capacity is to examine its cubic foot measurement. An under cabinet toaster oven with a 0.6-cubic foot capacity is usually sufficient enough to cook a whole chicken.

Like any other traditional microwave oven, toaster ovens also come with pans, trays and special racks, depending on what you want to cook, toast or bake. All toaster ovens shall have at least one wire rack, and most of the large toaster ovens provided with two. The best toaster ovens allow you to move these racks to cook more than one dish or to brown an item perfectly. Many of the toaster ovens also include at least one baking pan you can use to cook most things that you may not want to put directly on the wire rack of your toaster oven. Extra baking, broiling and roasting pans are also available for some small toaster oven models both individually and with the actual toaster oven.

In addition to pans and racks, the best toaster oven can also have a removable crumb tray to make cleanup a snap. Some Special toaster ovens may have speciality baking options, such as pizza stones.

Most of the common heating functions of any toaster oven are broil, bake and toast. With these three options, you can use your best toaster oven to make your breakfast toast, snacks and bake dinners without heating up the entire kitchen and broil chicken or fish for family dinner. These are not the only options available in these toaster oven pans, however. More advanced electric toaster ovens include such heating functions as defrost, reheat, roast, pizza and cookies options. Some toaster ovens even have brick inserts to duplicate the authenticity and flavour of brick-oven cooking.

Some of the other features that are equipped with any toaster oven are

These are important as they make cooking food easier than ever before. What you need to do is, just select the type of food you are cooking, such as pizza or potatoes and the toaster oven can take care of the rest. If you are not familiar with cooking time or just don’t like looking at recipes this could be a great feature for you to use.

Just because you have a bunch of presets does not mean the toaster can be easy to use. The best toaster oven may not only provide you with plenty of options but also be easy to use.

Make sure the timer on the oven toaster is loud enough to hear. There are some toasters out there where the timer is barely audible. This means if you have stepped out of the kitchen you may not realize your food is done till the smoke detector is going off and by then your food is burnt. Even if you have a toaster oven with an auto shut off feature, make sure you know when your food is done the cooking so it does not get cold.

You should also look at the rack in the toaster oven. One of the best features is a rack that pops halfway out when the door is open. This is nice as it means you do not have to mess with pulling the rack out yourself that could cause burns. It could also make it easier to check on your food.

Along with an audible timer, the best toaster oven also comes with an automatic shut off option. There are a few approaches this works. One is that when the timer on the oven toaster is done, the device turns off. Other ovens use a thermometer that is part of the unit. Secondly, when the food reaches the appropriate internal temperature, the oven turns off. This helps keep your food from being overcooked.

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